County Profile Updates

Version 1.4 (Released December 8, 2020)

Accounted for NC Community College service areas that include more than one Prosperity Zone sub-region.

Corrected a data reporting error that impacted the eight-year graduation and transfer rate for Rowan-Cabarrus Community College.

Version 1.3 (Released August 12, 2020)

Revised language to say “school counselor” instead of “guidance counselor.”

Provided additional information on charter, private, and home school enrollments in the 100 county Excel file.

Version 1.2 (Released August 10, 2020)

The following items are in this release:

County Overview

Building the Foundation: Pre-K to 8

Ready for Postsecondary

Postsecondary Access and Success

Labor Market Outcomes

Opportunities for Growth

Version 1.1 (Released February 12, 2020)

Postsecondary Access & Success

Version 1.0 (Released February 10, 2020)

Changes from first complete draft:

Top Right/Overview

Building the Foundation

Postsecondary Access & Success

Pre-Release v2 (January draft)

Pre-Release (December draft)